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The VVicked VVitch of Nevv England

If you’re looking for a creepy movie to give you the vvillies this Hallovveen, might I suggest The VVitch? It came out earlier this year, and vvhile critics seemed to like it, a lot of mainstream audiences vveren’t sure vvhat to … Continue reading

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Preaching to the Choir 2: The Preachening

Last weekend, Ben-Hur attempted to convert the masses with two different ad campaigns: a rock-em sock-em action movie for secular audiences, and an inspirational, heartfelt drama for religious folks. It worked like a charm. The numbers I see have Ben-Hur making $19.5 million … Continue reading

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Lipstick Lesbians vs. Lesbian Vampires

I finished another screenplay. I didn’t mean to, it was kind of an accident. Here’s what happened: A few months ago, rediscovered a movie I had heard about but hadn’t seen (still haven’t) called Lesbian Vampire Killers. As TVTropes tells … Continue reading

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